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Steel Drum Heater

Manufacturer: Morse

FOB: East Coast Warehouse

Morse flexible Steel Drum Heaters provide a simple, effective and reliable way to heat the contents of your drums. Heaters for metal drums have an adjustable thermostat for a control range of 50° to 425°F (10° to 218°C).

There is a Morse Heater for your 5 gallon pail, 30 gallon, or 55 gallon drum, whether plastic, steel, or fiber. Morse band drum heaters are made of tough, long lasting, fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber. They are easy to keep clean as few chemicals will stick to silicone rubber, and they are moisture/chemical resistant.

To attach to your drum, simply wrap the drum heater around and attach the spring and hook arrangement. Because these heaters are pliable, they conform to the wall of the drum. Though quick to fasten, they assure thorough band contact for effective heat transfer through the drum wall to the material inside. They are more flexible than metal band heaters, and therefore able to conform to the drum’s surface to transfer heat more effectively.


  • Melt or preheat process ingredients
  • Control viscosity
  • Promote dissolution
  • Speed liquid flow
  • Reduce residue in drum
  • Speed chemical action
  • Protect against freezing


  • Morse electric drum heaters and pail heaters are NOT for use with "flammables"
  • Do not use a drum heater or pail heater in explosion hazard areas
  • It is the user's responsibility to ensure drum heaters are in full contact with the drum completely BELOW the level of liquid in the container
  • Failure to do so can irreparably damage the drum heater
  • Do not bend a drum heater sharply as this may cause internal damage to the heating element
  • Open the drum bung to allow for expansion of contents when heating
  • All applications require temperature monitoring for safety and accurate results while using drum heater
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5 Models Available for Steel Drum Heater

  • Prices subject to change without notice

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Model No. Description Thermostat Fits Diameter Weight Price Ea. Qty
710-55-115 Heater for 55-gallon steel drum 115V 50/60Hz 1500W 50° to 425° F 22.5" +/- 1" 3 lbs. $286.00
710-55-230 Heater for 55-gallon steel drum 230V 50/60Hz 1500W 50° to 425° F 22.5" +/- 1" 3 lbs. $289.00
710-30-115 Heater for 30-gallon steel drum 115V 50/60Hz 1000W 50° to 425° F 18.25" +/- 1" 3 lbs. $265.00
710-30-230 Heater for 30-gallon steel drum 230V 50/60Hz 1000W 50° to 425° F 18.25" +/- 1" 3 lbs. $265.00
710-15-115 Heater for 15-gallon steel drum 115V 50/60Hz 700W 50° to 425° F 14" +/- 1" 2 lbs. $247.00