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Two-Stage MORStak Drum Rackers

Manufacturer: Morse

FOB: East Coast Warehouse

The Problems:

  • Hazards of moving drums on and off upper racks
  • Handling drums where a forklift will not fit
  • Lifting drums from upright to horizontal

The Solution: The affordable MORStak Drum Rackers Feature:

  • Rack your drums up to 8.5 feet high!
  • Stack drums side by side with virtually zero clearance
  • Easily lift, move, and rack a drum
  • Simple to operate
  • Compact base with 6 foot turning radius
  • Capacity: 800 lbs.

With the MORStak Drum Racker you can easily and safely lift an upright drum from the floor, tilt it to horizontal, transport it, and set it into a drum rack up to 8.5 feet high. Then reverse the entire process to retrieve your drum from the rack.

MORStak Drum Rackers replace expensive lift trucks. They eliminate hazardous "bare fork" handling of drums, upends and down-ends of drums, and they move in tighter spaces. MORStaks handle a drum with faucet and vent in place so the rack may serve as a multiple drum dispensing station.

The most dense racking is possible because drums need not be separated. Lifting arms fit easily into the spaces below the curvature of the drum. This enables the most efficient use of storage space.

Designed to handle 55 gallon steel or plastic drums with suitable rims. Capacity is 800 lbs. The 5” diameter front wheels fit under your drum rack.

Rugged two-stage frame of MORStak Drum Rackers provides lift range for a four tier drum rack with top shelf as high as 102".

Two easy-to-use valve handles control the power lift and tilt functions. A visual indicator informs the operator of the recommended height for tipping drums. Special features prevent tilting drum from horizontal until operator secures drum in place. Choices of Air, AC, or 12V DC powered lift and tilt are available.

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5 Models Available for Two-Stage MORStak Drum Rackers

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Model No. Description Weight Price Ea. Qty
620-110 Two-stage - AC motor powered hydraulics 900 lbs. $9171.00
620-115 Two-Stage - 12V DC powered hydraulics 950 lbs. $8799.00
620-117 MORStak DRUM RACKER, 102", 50Hz POWER LIFT & TILT, 55-GAL. RIMMED POLY OR STEEL DRUM. 800 Lb. CAPACITY -- $9224.00
620-114 Two-stage - air motor powered hydraulics 985 lbs. $13521.00
620M-114 Two-Stage - air motor powered hydraulics with spark resistant parts 985 lbs. $17474.00